Stückemarkt 2018

Stückemarkt Selection

The jury of the Stückemarkt has announced its selection for the Stückemarkt of the 55th Theatertreffen 2018.

In an open, Europe-wide competition, the Theatertreffen’s Stückemarkt searched for innovative theatre idioms that deal with the challenges of sharing (in) a divided world – touching on questions of global inequality as well as sharing as a form of social practice.

20 were considered in the final discussion.

The team of the Stückemarkt congratulates the invited artists.

Maya Arad Yasur
Israel/Netherlands – text

Leon Engler
“Die Benennung der Tiere”
Austria – text

Li Lorian
Israel/Germany – project

Old Masters
Switzerland – project

Turbo Pascal
“Böse Häuser”
Germany – project

Olivia Wenzel
“1 yottabyte leben”
Germany – text

The jury of the Stückemarkt 2018

Joy Kristin Kalu, dramaturge and theatre scholar (Berlin)
Anne Lepper, author (Cologne)
Dimitrij Schaad, actor and director (Berlin)
Philippe Quesne, director and scenographer (Paris)
Christina Zintl, dramaturge Theatertreffen, director of Stückemarkt (Berlin)

In cooperation with
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Further information about the Stückemarkt on our classical website.