Wu Tsang and Vaginal Davis present Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome

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Vaginal Davis and Daniel Hendrickson present Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome followed by Late Night Fermentation Salon by Wu Tsang and Liz Rosenfeld

“It is unclear whether the longing for a white Christmas is being taken seriously, or whether it is intended as a denunciation.”—Harun Farocki
An agitprop film and a musical: White Christmas by Harun Farocki (BRD 1968) and White Christmas by Michael Curtiz (USA 1954). While Farocki thwarts Bing Crosby’s mawkish song with footage of the Vietnam War, Michael Curtiz’s classic tells the story of two war comrades who have now become a successful Broadway duo. They have to help their former general out of a jam. His hotel is chronically under-booked, with a Christmas show supposed to get business going again.
This time Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome is at the Gropius Bau, on invitation of artist Wu Tsang, In House: Artist in Residence 2018. After the screening Wu Tsang and Liz Rosenfeld will transform the Gropius Bau restaurant into their Late Night Fermentation Salon.
Vinegar syndrome is the name given to the degradation of film caused by the chemical reaction of cellulose triacetate meeting humidity. Along with Daniel Hendrickson, Vaginal Davis examines the cause and effect of aging processes in different parts of the city.
Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome is a series by the Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art e.V. This special edition is an event by Arsenal in cooperation with the Gropius Bau.

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Film and Salon € 25, Arsenal Members € 22
Film € 8, Arsenal Members € 5